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Design Solutions


Our expert buyer's advocacy services are complemented by our suite of design solutions. We bring almost two decades experience in building, renovating and designing amazing homes to your project. 



We identify what's within and outside the planning rules so you understand what changes to your home are possible (subject to council approval of course).

1. Scope

We meet with you to understand your aspirations for your property

2. Diligence + Evaluation

We review title documents for zoning, overlays, easements and encumbrances, complete a RESCODE checklist and understand recent planing approval precedent together with the local municipality's appetite for development

3. Report

We provide a detailed report of the planning landscape for your property

Checking Text on a Document



We adapt floorplans and prepare computer design renders to help you envisage potential improvements and additions to your home.

1. Scope

We understand your brief and budget

2. Concepts

We prepare modified floorplans and computer design renders for your review and feedback

3. Final drawings

We package the final concept drawings ready for your next steps



We recommend paint colours, floor coverings, materials, hardware and furniture to suit your style and budget.

1. Scope

We understate your brief and budget for your home's interiors

2. Concepts

We prepare concepts for the interior aesthetic in the form of a look-book or mood boards for review and feedback

3. Document

We issue a final schedule of floorcoverings and treatments, materials, paint colours, hardware and furnishings

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