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Here’s some FAQs to help you select our expert buyer's advocacy services.

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  • What do you do that I couldn't do myself?
    Our goal is to secure you the best property your budget can buy. We do it quicker than you. We typically secure properties within 3 months compared to the 6 months it takes the average buyer. In a rising market, time is - literally - money. We find the best. We know A-grade properties from the rest and price them more accurately so you can feel confident you won't overpay. We're anal retentive. Our thorough pre-purchase diligence dots every i and crosses every t to ensure your biggest investment has a clear title and is structurally sound. We are objective and impartial. Emotion never clouds our judgement. We're on it 24/7. We reckon such a huge transaction deserves industry expertise and dedication. Finding, evaluating and securing the best properties on the best terms equates to a part time job. Most of our clients work full time in professional jobs. They don't have the time or the industry expertise to dedicate to such an important transaction. We're insiders. When it comes to accessing offmarket properties, we have the relationships with agents that you don't. We know how agents operate and the levers they pull. We hustle. We have a dedicated network of professionals on call for legal reviews and building inspections for the fatest turnarounds. We fight for you. Our comprehensive comparable sales and market analysis gives us powerful amunition to face the competition. We battle it out in negotations and auctions to get you the best deal possible.
  • Will you save me money on the purchase price?
    Using comparable sales and market indicators, we'll assess what price range represents value for a given property and at what price you'll likely be overpaying. In a private sale situation, we'll identify factors relating to valuation that are negotiation points and use these to negotiate on terms and price. In a rising market, time is money. We assess your requirements and your budget so that you’re quickly aligned to properties that you have a realistic chance of securing. No more time wasted missing out at auction after auction, watching your purchasing power decline as the weeks and months roll by.
  • Can I still look for property on my own?
    You engage us under an exclusive authority agreement. We invest time, expertise and effort in our search and diligence out there in the market on your behalf. This means if you find a property on your own or through anyone else, you still pay our fees. You engage us to take the workload off you! We're on the case 24/7 so you don’t have to be. If you come across a property that we haven’t presented to you we will explain why it didn’t meet your defined criteria and, if warranted, we can adjust that criteria. The beauty of our model is that the initial setup is subjective based on your inputs, but the outputs are objective, preventing you from getting distracted by properties that don’t really match your needs.
  • Will we still have to attend inspections?
    HUNTER inspects every property before recommending you attend. Basically, we kiss any frogs so you don’t have to. You’d be amazed at what Google street view and online photos can’t tell you about a property. When we're happy, we invite you to see the property and, through our relationships with real estate agents, we can often get in to see a property outside of the publicly scheduled opens. In the case of investment properties, many of our clients are satisfied to see photos and videos and trust us to select quality on their behalf. That's fine too. We work with you on your preferred approach to inspections.
  • How long does it take to buy me a property?
    A typical timeframe is 3 months from engaging us to an unconditional contract of sale. For very specific property searches, more time should be factored in. You need to be prepared to act fast so you must have deposit funds ready to go and we recommend you obtain a credit-assessed finance preapproval before entering into any sale contract.
  • Do your services have a time limit?
    The Buyers Agent Exclusive Authority that we have with you runs for 180 days. We’re here to secure your suitable property and it’s in everyone’s interests that we do that in the shortest timeframe possible. This is typically within the first 3 months. Of course, some buyers are looking for something very particular, and that use more of the 180 days. We look at as many properties as it takes to find the right match. The balance of our fees after the initial engagement retainer of $2,500 are entirely at our risk, meaning that in the unlikely event we haven't secured your property within 180 days you have the option to extend our agreement or part ways without any further payment obligation.
  • Do you win every auction?
    Wouldn’t that be so great? We do our homework so we have the best shot at winning at auction. That said, there can always be a buyer who values the property differently or is willing to overpay. We agree a walk away price prior to the auction, document our bidding strategy and execute it with confidence on the day.
  • I’m currently interstate/overseas. Can you still act on my behalf?
    Of course! Whilst we love working with our clients in person, we are perfectly placed to do the work on the ground for you if you're interstate or overseas. We are often engaged by investors wanting to buy property in Victoria. Born and bred in Melbourne, we know our suburbs intimately and can assist you to narrow your search to an area that will match your needs and lifestyle. All of our communications and documentation can be completed virtually and we will work in your timezone.
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