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Yikes. The things buyers agents say.

I was chatting to a buyer today who had booked a discovery call to find out more about our services.

He was looking for a suitable site for subdivision.

Another buyer's agent he's spoken to had suggested that it would still be up to him (the client) to check that all the criteria had been met.

Say what?!

He asked if I would be able to screen properties for his selection criteria.

Now, subdivision is a complex area and it just so happens that I have a solid understanding of the factors that make a site suitable.

But even if I didn't, a buyer's agents job - literally their job - is to understand your requirements to such a level that they never shortlist properties that do not meet them.

If a buyer's agent isn't planning to invest the time in capturing your needs I recommend you politely thank them for their time and walk away.


Every single client has a different and sometimes unique buying criteria and it is the most critical element to get right because it is where the most value is added in their eyes.

A buyers agent should be able to explain how your buying criteria will be impacted by stock.

For example, if you should expect to quickly find an abundance of properties that will match your buying criteria or if properties matching your criteria are in shorter supply and therefore more time and patience may be required.

If you get the vibe that a buyer's agent isn't listening to - or heaven forbid dismisses - your list of requirements then you should find one that will.

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