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I know you don't want to hire me

Hi there, property hunter.

I hear you’re just getting started? Or thinking about getting started?

I know you don’t want to hire me and that’s okay.

I don't take it personally because I get it, I really do.

I just wanted you to say hi to yourself in six months time.

  • You’re sick of wasting your weekends inspecting properties...

  • You’re sick of taking calls from real estate agents when you’re just not interested...

  • You’re sick of never knowing what a property will *really* sell for...

  • You’re sick of the emotional roller coaster of getting your hopes up then missing out...

  • You’re sick of hearing about buyers who’ve scored an elusive off-market property...

  • You’re on the verge of throwing in the towel or just buying something - anything – so long as this is over...

The truth is, you’re not unique.

There’s not some conspiracy aimed at buyers like you.

You’re every client that calls me beaten and defeated after months of fruitless searching.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can skip those months of wasted time, energy and emotion.

We can save the tens of thousands of dollars of buying power that erode as the months roll by.

I’m on your brief all day, every day, bringing expert industry knowledge and daily focus to your search.

I’m bringing you off-markets as soon as they hit the agent’s desk.

I’m inspecting properties, doing the critical pre-purchase diligence and analysing the market.

But the real clincher?

I’m bringing you the real, no-BS, inside word on your brief. The reality of what’s within and beyond reach.

I’m removing the bias that clouds your ability to objectively assess properties.

It means we have a laser focus on the properties that match your needs and budget and, from there, I get in the ring for you and drive the best deal possible.

That’s MY job while you’re doing YOUR job.

Make sense?

Let’s have a chat.

Book a 30 minute no-obligation consultation with me

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